Important Keywords for UPSC Mains


These keywords you can directly use in UPSC Mains. 

Vicious Cycle of Poverty

P – Persistent Disadvantage

O – Overwhelming Debt

V – Vicious Intergenerational Transmission

E – Economic Exclusion

R – Restricted Resources

T – Trauma and Stress

Y – Youth Inequality

‘SMART’ strategy to tackle Unemployment in India

S – Skills Development
M – Mentorship Programs
A – Accessible Education
R – Resource Allocation
T – Technological Advancements

PRICES Strategy to tackle the problem of FOOD INFLATION in India:

P – Production Argumentation

R – Regulatory Measures

I – Infrastructure Development

C – Crop Diversification

E – Employment Generation

S – Subsidy Rationalization

“HEALTH” Strategy to tackle the challenge of Diseases

H – Healthy Lifestyle

E – Education and awareness

A – Accessible healthcare services

L – Lifestyle modifications

T – Targeted interventions

H – Hygienist practices

6D strategy to strengthen disaster management in India:

– Development of infrastructure

– Dissemination of Information

– Drills and Training

– Documentation and Planning

– Deployment of Resources

– Donations and Aid

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